Our team of actors and I have been developing our next feature MARCIE’S over the pandemic months.  It’s been a longer timeline than expected, and we’re excited now to be putting all the pieces together for production.  Producer Beth Farnham came on board, we’ve found our primary locations, we’re finishing casting additional roles, and we’ve set dates in May to start filming.  We’ve also made progress on funding, and we have less than 50% of the budget left to raise to begin production.

We’re excited to share with you that we have a matching grant starting today through December 13!  We’re grateful to anonymous donors who are matching all contributions up to $20,000.

If you can contribute, this is a key moment to move the project to the next phase.

To contribute go to and click the Donate button to make a contribution through our fiscal sponsor Northwest Film Forum, a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Thank you so much!

On the website there’s a list of incentives at every contribution level.   And we’ve cooked up some unique incentives just for this match period:

Special incentives with the MARCIE’S team, available Nov 29 – Dec 13.

  • $700 – SAMBUS WITH SOPHIE: Join Miski Ali, who plays Sophie, for a live lesson in how to create Somali Sambus (Samosas) with basbaas (jalapeno and lime dipping sauce) – meat or veggies and herbs all wrapped in triangle tortillas and fried!  Zoom on a date TBD.  (limited to the first 4 at this level)
  • $400 – HOMEBREW:  Murph (played by Ryan Sanders), Marcie’s main squeeze, discovers a love of brewing his own beer.  Join Ryan and director John Helde for a Zoom research session as they put a batch of homebrew on the stove.  Sit back and await the results.   Zoom on a date TBD.  (limited to the first 5 at this level)
  • $300 – BARTENDER SCHOOL:  Jenn Ruzumna, who plays Marcie, is learning bartending for her role.  Receive your own personalized video cocktail lesson direct from Jenn!  Date TBD.  (limited to the first 10 at this level)

MARCIE’S is a truly independent film.  It’s the creative work of a group of local actors and film professionals, collaborating to tell a story that matters, with no big entity behind us.  This is how these stories get told, through the collaborative efforts of everyone, the filmmakers, the cast, the crew, and you, the audience.

The staged readings really solidified my love of this story.  It is funny and authentic, and it’s about people of different backgrounds coming together to confront real issues:  how we find our true calling, how we sustain community, and how over-development threatens our survival.

Having raised over 50% of the production budget, we can pay all our cast and crew, and that feels great.  Now, we just need to fulfill the rest of the budget that covers essentials like food, equipment, costumes, props, location fees, and the like.

So, THANK YOU so much!  Your support means the world to all of us.

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