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PHOEBE’S FATHER comes to digital screens

Among so much else, it has been a year of copious streaming: movies, series, podcasts – how would we have isolated without them?

PHOEBE’S FATHER, my 2015 film, joins the streaming fray this month. Some have seen the film during its festival run, but I’m incredibly happy for the film to now find a wider audience!

PHOEBE’S FATHER starts Friday April 30 at Northwest Film Forum’s virtual cinema for 2 weeks, as well as on Amazon and iTunes platforms indefinitely.

Grab a sliding-scale ticket here and support independent cinema.

And check out the brand-new trailer here.

Phoebe (Marie Lazzaro) is a budding competitive cyclist who has to make peace with her past when her estranged father (Lawrason Driscoll) comes back into her life. The cast also features Eric Jordan, Betty Campbell, Jenn Ruzumna, Lisa Every, Ryan Sanders, David Friedt and Sara Thiessen.

This is a project that, like BROWN’S CANYON, the cast and I developed through improvisation. We shot in familiar Seattle neighborhoods. A huge thank you to all the amazing cast and crew and musicians who contributed their talents to the movie.

Sadly, we lost Lawrie Driscoll and Betty Campbell in 2019. This virtual cinema run is dedicated to their memory – both brought richly layered work and a spirit of joy and play to their characters and to our set – I miss them both deeply.

Thanks for taking a look at the movie, and please consider rating and reviewing it on the streaming platforms and/or IMDB. You can also find PHOEBE’S on Facebook @phoebesfathermovie.