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CUDDLE is live

Thank you all who came to our CUDDLE launch party last Thursday – what a fabulous evening, with a sold-out house, lots of cast and crew, and There Is No Mountain playing songs from the series!  It’s always a treat to see the work in a room with a real live audience, and your comments made it clear the characters and story really connect with you.

Critic and blogger Marc Morin says:  

Series creator and writer Adeline Colangelo absolutely gets it right … Hope Shanthi has the perfect personality to take on a role like this and what she creates is a character that is ambitious, flawed, optimistic, a little misguided, and very much well intended.

This is just a quick reminder that CUDDLE is now live!
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Many of you asked what’s next – we’d love to make more of the show, and the way we’ll be able to do that is by reaching more audience, so… if you like what you see of CUDDLE, you can help by rating,  commenting, subscribing, and sharing the link. These things really do make a difference.  THANK YOU!