BROWN’S CANYON streams Jan 29

We’ve had a wonderful year showing BROWN’S CANYON at festivals and independent cinemas.  The reaction to these screenings from audiences, and critics, has been heartwarming.  People have mentioned the compelling performances, the way the landscape of the Wasatch Mountains is another character in the film, and how “real” the characters feel. My cast, producers and I are thrilled that audiences find both humor and poignancy in this story of a mindfulness retreat gone awry.

I wanted to pass on the great news that Freestyle Digital Media has acquired distribution rights to BROWN’S CANYON, and the movie comes to digital screens on January 29! Needless to say, we are thrilled that the movie will now be able to be seen more widely.

The release has been featured in VarietyVimoozScreenanarchy and more. 

Many of you supported the production of the movie and/or followed along with us from inception through filming, post-production and festivals, and we’re truly grateful for your support and enthusiasm along the way!  If you haven’t been able to make our screenings, this is a great opportunity to see the film.  

We hope you’ll check it out, and share the movie with your friends.

BROWN’S CANYON is available immediately to pre-order on iTunes by following this link:

more on BROWN’S CANYON at

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