a new story takes shape

Back in February (eons ago, that is, in our current reality) I wrapped up several months of improvisation work with a team of fantastic actors, developing the story for a new feature film.  The next step was to write the script based on that work.  I’m grateful I’ve been able to delve into that work these last months – the writing has really kept me focused during this time.  As I progressed through summer and fall, the actors and I gathered on Zoom to read drafts, and the script for the new movie has taken shape!

The story of MARCIE’S revolves around the denizens of a small town dive bar, and their bartender and den mother Marcie.  Marcie has a dream: to finally become the owner of Ed’s Tavern and build a stable life.  But when an endangered owl and a developer with big ideas begin to unravel her plans, Marcie has to rally her people to confront the forces of big money and save the community.  

I love this story and its rich themes, and I’m getting cautiously excited for moving into production!  We look forward to filming when it is safe to do so in 2021.  I’m grateful to the actors for their work creating a world and cast of characters that feel authentic, funny and heartfelt.  

Movie theaters are really struggling now, along with so many of the performing arts.  But many arthouse and independent cinemas are streaming new and classic releases from their sites, which are an amazing complement to the usual platforms.  Here in Seattle, I support Northwest Film ForumSIFFthe Grand Illusion, and here’s a great map of North American Arthouse Cinemas – check them out and support one near you… or, anywhere!

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