MARCIE’S (in production)

a comedy/drama about  community, trust and making it in the modern world

Marcie has a dream: to own Ed’s Tavern, where she’s bartender and den mother to her community of regular folk.  But when a developer and an endangered owl begin to unravel her plans, Marcie has to rally her people to confront the forces of big money and save the community.

Set in the Seattle area, MARCIE’S is populated with characters from different backgrounds and woven through with humor.  The story’s themes reflect the world we live in:  how we find our true calling; how we sustain community; and how over-development threatens our survival.

MARCIE’S is a truly independent film. We’re a group of like-minded artists who enjoy developing work collaboratively.  These are the kinds of stories we love and want to see in the world, and we’re excited to bring the movie to fruition!

join us

Please consider joining with us to complete MARCIE’S!  Contributions at any level right now help get the film made.  There is an investment opportunity, or you may make a contribution of any size through our non-profit fiscal sponsor Northwest Film Forum.  (PayPal button below.)

Funders at any level will join the MARCIE’S community with access to private behind-the-scenes updates throughout production, along with these incentives:

$25,000  Executive Producer credit + featured extra role + everything below
$10,000  Co-Executive Producer credit + invitation to wrap party + everything below
$5,000  Associate Producer credit + set visit + everything below
$2,500  Shooting script signed by cast and director + everything below
$1,000  Pair of custom MARCIE’S pint glasses + everything below
$500  Pre-release private screening event + everything below
$250  Early access digital soundtrack + everything below
$100  Video message from the set + everything below
$50  Early access film trailer + everything below
$25  Social media shout out and behind-the-scenes updates during production

For more information, feel free to get in touch here.

Thank you!

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