a comedy/drama about community, trust and making it in the modern world

directed by John Helde   produced by Beth Farnham

currently in production

Marcie has a dream: to own Ed’s Tavern, where she’s bartender and den mother to her community of regular folk.  But when a developer and an endangered bird begin to unravel her plans, Marcie has to rally her people to prevent the loss of the Tavern and save the community.

Set in Seattle and the surrounding area, MARCIE'S is populated with characters from different backgrounds and woven through with humor.  The story's themes reflect the world we live in:  how we find our true calling; how we depend on one another in challenging times; and how growth endangers tight-knit communities. 

MARCIE’S is a truly independent film. We’re a group of like-minded artists who enjoy developing work collaboratively.  These are the kinds of stories we love and want to see in the world, and we're excited to bring the movie to fruition! 


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Join with us to complete MARCIE'S!  We are currently fundraising to complete post-production and release the movie in 2023.  There is an investment opportunity, or you may make a contribution of any amount through our fiscal sponsor Northwest Film Forum, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

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