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in Northwest Film Forum's virtual cinema
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Phoebe (Marie Lazzaro) is just starting to find her passion as a competitive cyclist when her estranged father Ben (Lawrason Driscoll, M*A*S*H) comes back into her life.  As her brother makes efforts to patch things up, Phoebe tries to find answers about their mother, an artist who left when Phoebe was a child.  In doing so, she opens a vein of loss that’s divided the family. Phoebe sets her sights on racing, pushing herself harder and faster; but the old evasions won’t work anymore, and Phoebe has to face her past head on. 

Director John Helde and an award-winning cast worked together to improvise the story for this touching and bittersweet family portrait set in Seattle.

a Try This Films production
a John Helde film

Marie Lazzaro
Lawrason Driscoll
Eric Jordan 
Betty Campbell
Lisa Every
Jenn Ruzumna
Ryan Sanders

costume designer: Ron Leamon

original music by: Phillip Peterson

music by: Gretchen Yanover

edited by: Jo Ardinger

production designer: Tania Kupczak

director of photography: Lars Larson

produced by: Lisa Glaze, John Helde

screenplay by: John Helde

story by: John Helde, Marie Lazzaro, Lawrason Driscoll, Eric Jordan, Betty Campbell

directed by: John Helde


"I truly loved this movie... Phoebe, Ben, and Whit make up a dysfunctional family that is trying to put itself back together when no one really knows what they need from each other."

- Chris Burlingame, The Sunbreak

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